Parenting for a Better World


A variety of 2-4 hour workshops are available on topics such as:
Parenting for a Better World

  • Introduction to Positive Discipline
  • Emotions and the Art of Communication
  • Children Do Better When They Feel Better: The Role of Encouragement in Parenting
  • Reducing Power Struggles and Creating Peace in the Home
  • Handling Sibling Rivalry
  • Enhancing Children’s Self-Esteem
  • Creating Cooperative Families
  • Effective Parent-Child Communication
  • Eating, Sleeping and Toileting- How to Encourage Cooperation
  • Resiliency: Making Mistakes and How to Recover From Them

One day Positive Discipline hands-on and interactive workshops (6-8 hours) which give an introduction to the main principles of Positive Discipline are also available, tailored to the needs of each parenting group (expectant parents and parents of children ages 0-3, preschool parents, elementary parents, and general parenting overview). Some possible topics include:

  • Long-term parenting and the role of kindness and firmness in raising children who are responsible, respectful and resourceful
  • Age-appropriateness and how to teach and empower
  • How to nurture your child’s growing brain
  • “I can do it!”- how to encourage initiative and discourage manipulation
  • Ways to minimize sibling rivalry
  • Methods to reduce power struggles and create more peace in the home
  • How to minimize bedtime and morning hassles and the role of routine charts
  • The difference between enabling vs. empowering
  • Emotions and the art of communication
  • The importance of building children’s “disappointment muscles” and nurturing resiliency
  • The difference between praise and encouragement
  • The messages of misbehavior and how to break the code
  • The importance of focusing on solutions instead of punishment
  • Natural and logical consequences
  • How to establish family meetings and the importance of joint problem-solving
  • Ways to aid your child in the development of social skills
  • Resources and support for nurturing a healthy and united family
  • Ways to be more effective as a parent and have fun in the process
  • 52 non-punitive, mutually respectful parenting tools that invite cooperation

Please contact Julie Iraninejad, M.Ed. at to schedule a workshop in your area.

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